UPDATED: 24 aPRiL 2003 thank you guys for all the memories back in yoko, oxnard, mississippi, bahrain, and wherever else... i miss y'all like crazy {*hahahah some parts of this sound like a senior will LoL*} *AIMEE*: level devils for life! junior year memories man... all the guys {*captain morgan? hahah*} causing drama... hahah... those were the days... even though senior year was hella crazy between us y'know youll always be mah gurl! coochie crew for life! =P *ANTHONY*: sorry i haven't been very good at keeping in touch yo... =T hmmm... *memory* sweethearts dance 2001... hmmm yah... that was an interesting week... haha... =P *CAT*: guuurl i havent seen you in FOREVER! where you been... prolly busy with kappa stuff... me... just tryna keep mah grades up... started going to class more often =P hahah... its helping i guess... i miss our talks in calc girl! *CHRISTINE*: guuurrrl i MISS you... jeez... thanks for always being there for me... we havent scheduled our shopping/lunch date yet =P i have your crackers and white out here =P imma have to eat it if you dont come pick them up =P {*the crackers not the white out LoL*} *CORKISH*: damn dude remember that hella long talk we had outside at karenbells party? shoot that was TOO much information hahah =P oh yah and our "weird first" uuuhhh yah =P hahah when yall move over here expect me to come visit yall all the time =P muahahah WooHoo! *DION*: diiiooon heheh thanks for always being there for me man =) youve helped me so much with my *bf* issues the past couple of months =) i know we both can get annoying with how insecure we are about each other and im just glad we can both turn to you for advice or just to talk =) you and tris better come visit me and tracy next year! its gonna be dooope! WooHoo! heheh *DREI*: omigosh your neighbor's HOTT! hahah it was so nice seeing you again {*and your dope a$$ car with its kick a$$ cupholders and SUPER smart seats =P hahah*} *EMER*: thanks for always being there for me boo =) you'll always have a special place in my heart =) no regrets... we're gon go clubbin when you come down here to visit aight? it's a plan =P *FAYE*: yoko memories =) we have so many... stupid alumni and signs {of the cross} we've been through so much crap together in such a short time =P unfortunately we've drifted apart over the months... but im still here for you nonetheless... *FRANCIS*: thanks for chillin with me my first week in yoko hahah we had so much fun =O hmmm my first time {*going down the fire escape hahah*} *cho-cha endless love* hahah and our kinky talks online *wink* *FRANKIE*: the roses for my "bday" were BEAUTIFUL! =) thank you SOOO much! always lots of laughs with you, "that's BAAAD for you guys!" hahah *GAIL*: damn through all the drama hahah im always here for yah girl =) youve always been like the little sis to me that i never had and always wanted heheh we're sooo gon kick it over summer man! its gonna be hella fun =) like spring break times a hundred! heheh *GELPAULA*: my fellow musketeer... =P maaan, back in the day... remember all our crazy band trips =P and my first band camp? =P one time... in band camp... golly, i miss those days... LyLaS =D thanks for always being there for me... even when we had drama... but doesnt everyone? heheh =P we may not always agree with each other but arguments strengthen every relationship right? heheh miss yah girl! *JACKIE*: even though we really only got to talk once {*and you dont even read this*} that one hella long balcony break made me realize a whole lotta sh*t, thank you *JEFF*: thanks for dj-ing at my "party" =T *gah* and for helping us pick up and store the smirnoff =) *JEROMIE*: LoL all this time you were on my MSN list and i had NO idea who you were until now =P heheh cant wait to meet you over summer... any friend of the guys is a friend of mine... well not really hahah but yah =) hope everything works out A-ohkay for you this summer and your plans with *ahem* *her* heheh *JESSE*: you dont know how much i appreciate you being there for me all the time... no matter how mad i get at you... no matter how mean i can be to you {*and trust me, i KNOW i can be MEAN hahah*} youve always stuck by me through it all and i GREATLY appreciate it... youre always there to listen to me b*tch and complain about ALL my drama sh*t and i trust that you wont spill my sh*t to someone else and i thank you for that... we had a lot of good times together... i'll remember you always... thanks again for everything... *JILL*: damn girl we've been through so much shit the past two years hahah all the pain and the heartache... the laughter and the tears... i cant wait til you move tah oxnard! heheh im mos def gon come visit yah! heheh and i'll take the one hott boy =P *JODY*: JODY TOADY MAY! heheh man i miss yah girl! we've been through a lot together... all the drama and all the heartache... through the roller coaster that was my sophomore year =S i shudder just thinking about all the crap i went through that year... but you were there for me through it all... i'll never forget you girl... three musketeers for life! *JOSH*: hey boo! thank you for all the fun weekends we spent together =) the movies, the stories, the laughs... that one time at denny's when we left and the waitress got mad... harry potter... going clubbing... the naps =O hahah just playin =P *KATIE*: CAITLIN AMANDA CAREY! heheheh we're always laughing when you're around, driving around, trips to the NEX, you losing at the "who-can-find-their-guy{s}-first" game AND at pusoy dos new years eve/day heheh BACARDI and pina colada! "if you like pina colada..." *LEX*: thanks for always being there for me to talk to online =) especially when im just feelin like sh*t and i need to vent... you're always on =) you're turning into me! hahah =P thanks =) *LIS*: the o.g. cooch =P maaan... hahah im SOOO jealous of you girl! hahah but im glad youre happy and hopefully i can be just as happy as you are soon enough... *sigh* sucks big balls =P hahah *MARTIN*: maaahten heheh thanks so much for everything that youve done for me... my dope a$$ slow jam CD, all the memories at your house, that one night over spring break =P heheh imma miss yah man when i move to yokota... im not gonna have you as my neighbor anymore =( booo *thumbs down* *MIRIAM*: a friend of aimee's is a friend of mine... heheh =P *NELVIN*: you've always been there for me to make my day, make me feel better about myself, and support me and my often stupid decisions hahah =) thank you oh so much... im always here for you no matter what... *NIKA*: even though we dont know each other i know i can trust that you'll always be straight up with me... after all the drama... i hope we can just put it all in the past and move on... *NONA*: hey gurl! i miss you and gel man! all the laughs we shared and all the jokes and all the good times we had at your house and stuff... take cayres gurl! *PAM*: thanks for coming down to visit me with the guys... it was really great to finally meet you after hearing so much about you from everyone... its nice to finally be able to put your name with your face... hope you and nelvin stay happy together... come down and visit me again sometime... *RENEL*: man yo! havent talked to you in all eternity =( heheh but s'all good... whenever we do talk you always put a smile on my face =) i love our talks on the phone... they always make my day... thanks for always being there to listen to me b*tch and complain about all the crap that's goin on in my life... youve always been supportive and always tell me the truth... you tell it like it is... and i know i can depend on you to keep it real for me... and i appreciate that even though sometimes it may not seem like it... youre the best *SCOTT*: hi kuya! heheh... thanks for always being there for me... pRoM 2001... helping me deal with all my drama... and i've had a lot... always making me feel better when i was down... my shoulder to cry on... *SCUBA*: all the fights, all the drama, and thanks for letting me win at pusoy dos =D heheh ye-yah *score* hahahah and thanks for putting up with me even though i wasnt the very nicest person to you =) *SERGIO*: although we only talked on the phone once... it was such a meaningful conversation and it made me think about a lot of things... hopefully one day we can meet in person... *SHERI*: winter break memories... stoge breaks on the balcony... and our talks... the secrets, the feelings, the drama... thanks for always being there for me... *hug* man, girl, we're gonna stoge like crazy when i get back, hahahah i'll always be here for you no matter what... even while im like thousands of miles away... its all about trust... fo' sho' hahah *TRACY*: cake, beef bowl, and ducks?!? hahah or penguins? no? hahah whatever *shrugs* *TRIS*: hey baby =) thank you for EVERYTHING... i meant what i said and i said what i meant: NO MATTER WHAT happens ill always love you *muah* no matter how mad i get at you or how much i bitch about you to people you know ill always be here for you because you mean so much to me and im so glad ive finally found someone worth staying with because i must say... im a pretty happy girl when im with you... MOST of the time *wink* heheh i miss you so much and i cant wait to see you again over the summer *WILMAR*: ERC! WooHoo! we're gon be APSA and MASA buddies, aight? WooHoo! heheh =) thanks for always being there to listen to me and my boy problems/insecurities heheh

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to be continued...

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-*-Thursday, January 06, 2005-*-  

i miss you i miss you i miiiss yooouuu

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-*-Monday, February 23, 2004-*-  

damn another day another argument ... im so sick of aLL the buLLsh*t ... i think i just need a decent amount of sLeep *bLah*

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-*-Sunday, February 08, 2004-*-  

damn i havent hit this mess up in a minute! hmmm *wink* new wish List {*edited*}
- * - answer VII iversons
- * - belt preferabLy brown
- * - burberry weekend
- * - chocolate-covered freeze-dried strawberries
- * - dried fLavored seaweed
- * - dory from finding nemo doLL
- * - fLowers preferabLy orchids
- * - LiL jon CD
- * - Lip gLoss
- * - Low cut air force ones size seven
- * - khaki-coLored suede or corduroy jacket/bLazer
- * - modeL skyLine with doors that open
- * - monsters inc DVD
- * - morinaga hi-chew candies
- * - new ceLL phone
- * - outkast CD
- * - poster of bLossom from the powerpuff girLs
- * - red jansport backpack
- * - red timbs size seven
- * - sports bra preferabLy red or bLack
- * - stereo with MD record/pLayback
- * - sweatpants preferabLy bLack
- * - UCSD sweatshirt
- * - underwear not thongs preferabLy from VS or AE
- * - white goLd dangLing earrings
- * - white goLd ring for my first and/or middLe finger(s)
wiLL keep updating as needed *hugs & kisses*

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-*-Tuesday, December 02, 2003-*-  

I S A A C r o b a g o F E L A R C A i s T H E b i g g e s t A S S H O L E o n T H E f a c e O F t h i s P L A N E T

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-*-Monday, November 03, 2003-*-  

you know you Love someone when the mere thought of hurting them is enough to break your own heart

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-*-Wednesday, October 15, 2003-*-  

damn bLogger Looks a Lot different than it Looked Last tyme i posted up in this beeatch =P heheh but yah i just got some things on my mynd that have been bothering me LateLy that i just wanted to put out there ... i hate how peopLe caLL me at random tymes of the day & i dont even know why the f*ck theyre caLLing & then when i ask them whats up they have nothing to f*ckin say so im paying f*ckin forty cents a minute for DEAD AIR! psh ... i hate it when peopLe THINK they are so damn cute & they go waLtzing around thinking they Look cute & tryna act cute when they know they ugLy as f*ck ... damn just makes you wanna say "Look in the f*ckin mirror before you come out in pubLic b*tch cuz i dont know what youre seeing but i see one ugLy b*tch ryte in front of me!" i hate it when peopLe compLain about sh*t when theres nothing to compLain about ... its Lyke theyre f*ckin rubbing it in your face about whatever sh*t theyre compLaining about ... perfect exampLe: when stupid b*tches compLain about being fat when they KNOW for a f*ckin fact theyre not fat ... they just b*tch & moan about being "fat" so you can f*ckin compLiment them & teLL them that theyre not fat & that they Look fyne the way they are bLah bLah bLah yknow the story ... weLL you best watch out b*tch cuz one f*ckin day im just gonna snap & teLL you how it is cuz you may not be fat but youre f*ckin ugLy as heLL ... sh*t ... i hate it when peopLe taLk down to me cuz they think theyre better than me ... i KNOW for a f*ckin fact im not the best f*ckin person in the worLd ... i KNOW i make A LOT of bad decisions in my Lyfe ... but sh*t ... at Least i f*ckin admit it yknow?!? at Least i f*ckin LEARN from the decisions ive made ... you on the other f*ckin hand havent Learned sh*t! you SAY youre gonna f*ckin change, you SAY youre gonna do aLL this buLLsh*t, you SAY youre gonna DO something, you TELL peopLe aLL this buLLsh*t but no one SEES anything f*ckin being done about ANYTHING! peopLe TALK about f*ckin being studious ... no one EVER sees you f*ckin studying ... peopLe TALK about buying me things or taking me out to eat or to a movie or what not or just taking me out ... no ones f*ckin taken me anywhere ... peopLe TALK about quitting bad habits and/or taking on better ones: Lyke quitting smoking, stopping drinking, stop buying sh*t they dont need to buy, not smoking out, no taLking sh*t or taLking to peopLe i dont Lyke them taLking to, eating ryte, exercising more ... its aLL buLLsh*t! im beginning not to beLieve anything peopLe say to me anymore because NO ONE these days is f*ckin dependabLe! yaLL are a bunch of f*ckin saps & sweettaLkers & buLLsh*tters & fronters & posers & b*tches & oh god WHATEVER! i swear everyones just pissing the f*ck outta me ryte now! i wish everyone wouLd just grow up! sh*t! stop TRYING to be f*ckin cute! youre NOT! stop acting Lyke a f*ckin baby & take responsibiLity for your f*ckin actions! you did it DEAL WITH THE F*CKIN CONSEQUENCES! SH*T! your parents arent gonna be there your whoLe f*ckin Lyfe to support your dumb a$$! stop seeing them as a f*ckin bank! get a f*ckin job & make your own goddamn money! you ACT Lyke you got money to spend! psh! we aLL know its a Load of sh*t cuz your PARENTS worked their a$$es off to give you the money you have ... i pride myseLf in my money cuz i KNOW its money I f*ckin earned! i worked my a$$ off aLL f*ckin summer with two f*ckin jobs just so i wouLdnt have to ask my parents for money for me to go out & have fun & Lead a sociaL Lyfe & what not ... they spend enough f*ckin money for me to go to schooL here ... damn tuition, housing, books & aLL that buLLsh*t ... theyre paying for my BRAND NEW CAR ... they pay for my RIDICULOUS ceLL phone biLL {*aLthough ive seriousLy been heLping out with that LateLy*} yaLL needa get your f*ckin mynds ryte & grow the f*ck up forreaL! quit b*tchin! DO something with your Lyfe ... you may think youre better than me now ... you may be better than me now in some ways ... but sh*t at the rate youre f*ckin going ryte now youre gonna be depending on your parents for a Long a$$ tyme & that sh*t is just PATHETIC ... Least when i say imma save my money i actuaLLy DO it ... you see the actions of my words ... you see the actions of my thoughts ... the resuLt may not aLways be very good ... but at Least its beneficiaL in that i LEARN from the sh*t i do ... i UNDERSTAND my actions & the consequences that resuLt from my actions ... i take responsibiLity for what i do, the money i spend, the things i say & i thynk everyone shouLd do the same {*end b*tching*} note: this is not just about ONE person

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-*-Saturday, July 12, 2003-*-  

god imma f*ckin lose my mynd soon =S *bLaH* damn people teasing me and sh*t NOT COOL GUYS! booo *thumbs down* =( *sob* my triscuit is supposed to come back saturday i think? hmmm my daddy left yesterday for denver colorado but he got stuck in La for a long a$$ tyme cuz his flight left here hella later than scheduled so he missed his connecting flight in La so yah blah blah blah hes coming back day after triscuit baby gets back {*sunday*} muahahah YiPPee i missed him {*triscuit not my daddy*} =P his punka$$ BETTER come over here and visit me! cuz ryte now its gonna be a b*tch for me tryna get over THERE! booo *thumbs down* =( iono what my mom thought about the sh*t that went down late last nyte and hella early this morning =P {*sheri*} *bLaH* my a$$ got home at like nine this f*cking morning! hahah cuz i was f*cking STRANDED in haijima tryna go see WiLLy! gosh! heheh but s'all good... him, ryan, and ronn were sweet enuf to go search for my a$$ hahah THANK YOU SOOO MUCH GUYS! i heart you *muah* kicked it with them for a while but i started to get scared cuz i didnt know what tyme my mom was gonna wake up and i KNOW she would hella trip if i wasnt home when she woke up hahah so yah i had to leave them early =( booo *thumbs down* sorry guys i REALLY wanted to stay longer hmmm but yah it was fun i guess =P muahahah and sorry to everyone back in YoKo =( booo *thumbs down* i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to come down... but my dad got weird last minute =( booo *thumbs down* next friday? hopefully? *crosses fingers* im out... i SOOO sleepy hahah i only got like two hours of sleep... people kept calling and mailing me! gosh guys! *wink* im just playin =P i love hearing from people =D i miss yall *muah*

a ended contemplation @ 10:05:00 PM

oh, how we've grown...

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